SCCUMW Legislative Advocacy Days 2022 Session 2, Predatory Lending in SC by Sue Berkowitz, ESQ

About Payday Loan Store

Are you looking for fast quick cash? Do not worry as there are many payday loan stores available for you. Read our article to know more about it.

Payday Loans – An Expensive Form Of Lending?

In United States, ads in radio, television, newspaper, internet and hoardings all refer to payday loans. These loans may be handy but they come at a very high cost due to interest charges. These loans are known in various names like payday loan, check advance loan, post dated check loans, deferred deposit check loans. But their purpose are more or less same i.e. to offer small, short term, high rate loans.

Avoiding Payday Loans

A payday loan can seem like a quick and easy solution for a short-term hiccup in your cash flows. But what are the alternatives? With a bit thought, and hopefully after reading this, you can explore better solutions before jumping for an expensive, or possibly inappropriate payday loan.

Payday Loans – Fast Cash Explained

Payday loans are small loans you can use when you are temporarily out of money. Often referred to as cash advances or payday advances, whatever the name, these loans are designed to meet temporary, short-term cash flow needs. Payday Loans – how much can I borrow?

The Truth About Payday Loans

Are payday loans good or bad? A payday loan is like a taxi, its use can have good or bad financial consequences. They’re both only meant for short term use, and over the longer term can become very expensive indeed.

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